redbook, the development of some Java related ingredients of the Web
server. These discussions are put in:
  Section 3.5,  Servlet programs  on page 78, which discusses the Servlet
programs that we develop. The servlets are used primarily to maintain a
session, to access the DB2 database, and to access the Domino
  Section 3.6,  JSP files  on page 98, which discusses the Java Server
Pages (JSPs) that we use. The JSP provides the ability to create a
dynamic Web page without having to code everything in a servlet.
  Section 3.7,  Accessing data through a Java bean  on page 103, which
provides an overview of the Java Beans that we use in representing an
arbitrary amount of dynamic data in a Web page for listing the orders.
3.3 DB2 database
This section discusses, in detail, the steps required to build the DB2 database
that we use. The steps that we perform are discussed in the following:
  Section 3.3.1,  Modelling the database  on page 61 where we provide the
design considerations that we face in developing the database.
  Section 3.3.2,  Creating the database  on page 66 shows the actual
database creation.
3.3.1 Modelling the database
To achieve the objective of the Web site, our database must, at the very
least, model the following entities:
Users are the customers who come to the Web site to browse, log in with a
username and password, register a profile of redbook category interests,
and order redbooks.
These entities reflect the order of a product by a user. For simplicity's
sake, a user may currently only order one product at a time (that is, there
is no shopping basket concept where one or more products of differing
quantities may be placed before an order is finalized).
We examine each of these entities in more specific detail. Users
The entity users must have the following attributes:
Chapter 3. Building the Web server



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