3. Run the
command with the
options, specifying the USERINFO
script file called
in the current path as follows:
db2  tvf userinfo.ddl
Figure 57 on page 69 shows the results of the
create table
commands on the bdtest1 server.
[db2inst1@bdtest1 db2inst1]$ db2 connect to userstuf
Database Connection Information
Database server
= DB2/LINUX 6.1.0
SQL authorization ID
Local database alias
[db2inst1@bdtest1 db2inst1]$ db2  tvf userinfo.ddl
create table userinfo( first_name varchar(20) not null, last_name
varchar(20) not null, email_address varchar(50) not null, date_joined
date not null, birth_date date not null, address varchar(200) not null,
username varchar(20) not null, primary key(username) )
DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.
Figure 57. Creating the USERINFO table on server bdtest1
Repeat this step to create the other three database tables, USERORDERS,
USERVERIFY, and USERPROFILE, replacing the userinfo.ddl script file
name with the script names for the other database tables, as appropriate.
The default location for these tables is in the DB2 tablespace USERSPACE1;
so, we will find the associated database table files in the directory
3.4 Domino database
In this section, we discuss the Domino database that we use to store the
redbook information. We copy the Redbooks.nsf database as a subset of the
actual redbook database that is used by ITSO. In this section, we discuss an
overview of the Domino database concept in Section 3.4.1,  Domino
database concept  on page 70 and the structure of our Redbooks database in
Section 3.4.2,  The Redbooks database  on page 71.
Chapter 3. Building the Web server



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