3.4.1 Domino database concept
A Domino database is a collection of related information stored in a single
file. A Domino application uses at least one database. A database holds
information about its design as well as data. Domino data is organized as
documents. A document is defined as an object containing text, graphics,
video, or audio objects, or any other kind of rich text data.
Domino databases contain documents, as opposed to relational databases,
which contain tables. Unstructured or structured data, as well as associated
programming logic, are stored within the database.
Domino databases are essentially a complete application with its associated
data. They contain all of the forms, views, agents, fields, and code required to
store and manage data. The databases can reside on a Domino server or
Lotus Notes workstation.
There are many design features that are available for Domino databases.We
will evaluate the forms and views as the main design element that we are
concerned with in this project. Form
The form is the skeleton provided to users to enable them to enter data,
either by typing or by using other control buttons. A form can also be thought
of as an abstract structure of a document. It defines all the fields and its type
for a document. There is at least one form in a database, although a typical
business application will have many forms, each targeted to the type of
information that the user wants to save in the database.
The form contains all the design elements: Fields to store the user's
information, static text, buttons, sections, images, and subforms that help the
user enter the data into the database. View
A view shows a list of documents stored in a Domino database and can be
thought of as a table of contents of a database. Views provides a means to
organize documents in a database to be presented to the users or a program.
Each row listed in a view represents data taken from a single document. Each
column represents a field or a result of a formula taken from that document.
Domino databases have at least one view, but most of them have more. A
view can display all the documents in the database, or it can display a subset
of the documents. Views can present documents sorted on different fields, for
example, sorted by topic, creation date, or author.
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