A Domino document is a container for data and is similar to a row in a
database management system (DBMS). Each document is a collection of
fields. A unique identifier is given to each document upon its creation and is
used by the Domino database as a primary key.
A document's design is held within a Domino form, which specifies what a
document can contain in each field, for example, a form number, a date, text,
or rich text.
3.4.2 The Redbooks database
The Redbooks.nsf database is replicated from the current redbooks view.
The important feature that is available from the redbook database is the
Redbook form and the views available. This section is divided into:
  Section,  Redbook form  on page 71, which discusses the format
of the redbook documents.
  Section,  Redbook views  on page 74, which discusses the views
that we created to support our Web application. Redbook form
The redbook is available in two forms, a standard notes form and the abstract
Web page template. The IIOP access utilizes the standard notes form, while
the direct Web access uses the Web page template.
Figure 58 shows the form lists of our Redbooks database.
Chapter 3. Building the Web server



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