Figure 64. Column properties of PubDate
6. Define the sort option for the PubDate column as shown in Figure 64.
7. Check the other columns and make sure that the only sorted column is the
Category and the PubDate column.
8. Click
3.5 Servlet programs
In our project, we utilize a lot of servlets to provide business logic and
programming capability to our Web server. These servlets access the DB2
database, Domino database, HTTP session information and Java bean
object. In this section, we discuss mostly the behavior of our servlet and how
we code the servlets to perform what we want. The discussion in this section
is separated into:
  Section 3.5.1,  Servlets  on page 79, which discusses an overview of
servlet and gives the list of servlets that we use in the project.
  Section 3.5.2,  Maintaining state in HTTP  on page 81, which shows the
way the servlet handles session attributes.
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