In our project, we found that the value of column PublishDate was a
date time value; so, we have to convert the data to a string with the
following code:
Vector dM = entry.getDocument().getItemValue( PublishDate );
if ( dM.size() > 0 )
DateTime dt = (DateTime)dM.elementAt(0);
String PublishDate = dt.getDateOnly();
3.6 JSP files
Java Server Pages (JSPs) are HTML files that provide dynamic content and
improved functionality. They make use of Java or various other scripting
The JSPs are compiled into servlets by the WebSphere Application server
before they are used.
When you install the WebSphere application server on a Web server, the
Web server s configuration is set by default to pass HTTP requests for JSP
files (files with the extension .jsp) to the application server. The application
server configuration is set by default to pass JSP files to its JSP processor,
the pageCompile servlet. The JSP processor creates and compiles a servlet
from each JSP file. The processor produces two files for each JSP file:
  .java file   Contains the Java language code for the servlet
  .class file   The compiled servlet
WebSphere stores the compiled JSP servlet in the
/opt/IBMWebAS/servlets/pagecompile directory. The WebSphere application
server can automatically detect changes in its JSPs and will recompile the
JSP file as necessary. Remember that the owner of the pagecompile
directory needs to be changed to nobody after the WebSphere installation.
3.6.1 The JSP components
A JSP file can have the extension .jsp, and it can contain a combination of:
  HTML tags
  JSP directives, such as
<%@LANGUAGE= Java  %>
  Inline scripts:
<% ... %>
  JSP tags such as
and so on
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