Chapter 4. Operational considerations
This chapter discusses the operational aspect of running a Linux Web server.
The discussion here is aimed at keeping the product that constitutes the
application that is running, which is categorized into:
  IBM HTTP server
  IBM WebSphere Application Server
  IBM Database 2
  Lotus Domino Enterprise Server
The discussion is divided into:
  Section 4.1,  Facility administration  on page 107
  Section 4.2,  Facility monitoring  on page 123
  Section 4.3,  Routine maintenance  on page 129
  Section 4.4,  Troubleshooting overview  on page 134
4.1 Facility administration
This section describe some administrative operations that we perform in
maintaining the Web solution. Most of the startup and shutdown processes
are performed automatically at boot or shutdown of the operating system,
however, some knowledge of the manual operation is mandatory. These
administration tasks are presented in the following sections:
  Section 4.1.1,  IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere administration  on page
107 describes Web server administration.
  Section 4.1.2,  DB2 operation  on page 117 describes DB2 operational
  Section 4.1.3,  Domino operation  on page 119 describes Domino
operational considerations.
4.1.1 IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere administration
Basically, the IBM HTTP Server is an Apache Web server. There are several
excellent Web pages that discusses the administration of the HTTP server,
such as: servers
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