If the server needs to be killed quickly, and the above commands fail for any
reason, the server keeps the parent process ID in a file called httpd.pid. This
file can be found in /opt/IBMHTTPServer/logs/. Sending the TERM signal to
this process will stop the server ungracefully.
Once the required command has been issued, we can check to see whether it
was successful by issuing the following command:
ps ax | grep httpd
Output from this command looks similar to Figure 83. Note that in our
example, we have started seven httpd servers, and that it is sufficient to kill
only the parent ID to stop all the processes.
[root@bdtest1 admin]# ps ax |grep httpd
12531 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13165 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13166 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13167 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13168 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13169 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13180 ?
0:00 /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin/httpd
13256 pts/13
0:00 grep httpd
[root@bdtest1 admin]#
Figure 83. Output of the ps ax |grep httpd command
To ensure that the Java processes that is started by WebSphere is also
terminated, issue the
killall java
command before stopping the HTTP
server. IBM HTTP Server administration server
This section provides the steps to install and log on to the IBM HTTP Server
administration server. We do not go into any detail regarding the
configuration of the Web server using this console. The steps below describe
how we installed the server:
1. Install the
rpm  i IBM_Admin_Server 1.3.6 1.i386.rpm
rpm  i IBM_Admin_Server_Forms 1.3.6 1.i386.rpm
2. Change to the /opt/IBMHTTPServer/bin directory.
3. Create a group for the webadministrator
groupadd  g 500 webadmin
Chapter 4. Operational considerations



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