2. Ensure that the Domino server is not running.
3. Check and remove the IPC shared memory that is owned by userID notes.
4. Start the Domino server.
Having created the start_domino.sh script, we can start the Domino server
automatically. We add an entry in the /etc/inittab file as follows:
notes:2:once:/bin/su   notes  c /home/notes/bin/start_domino.sh
If Domino exits abnormally, the Domino Inter Process Communication (IPC)
resources need to be cleaned up before restarting Domino. In order to clean
up Domino after a crash, perform the following steps:
1. Kill all Domino processes of the server that failed from the userID notes.
2. Remove the associated Inter Process Communication (IPC) resources.
3. List the corrupted shared memory and semaphores using the
command. The
option shows the shared memories, and the
shows the semaphores.
4. Remove any shared memory and semaphores. Use
ipcrm shm $id
remove shared memory, and use
ipcrm sem $id
to remove semaphores.
5. Remove the ~notes.lck file from the Domino data directory.
The cleanup_domino script that performs the above steps is provided in
Appendix E.2,  cleanup_domino.sh  on page 210.
4.2 Facility monitoring
This section provides an overview of monitoring the processes for the
components of the Web solution the we built. Various other methods may be
employed to ensure the availability and performance of the system.
4.2.1 Monitoring WebSphere
The loaded servlets can be viewed through the Server Execution Analysis
screens as follows:
1. Log on to the WebSphere administration to get the WebSphere
Introduction window as shown in Figure 88 on page 115.
2. Select
Server Execution Analysis
3. Select
4. Select
Loaded Servlets
to display the monitor window as shown in Figure
98 on page 124.
Chapter 4. Operational considerations



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