These snapshots are used for comparison over time. Each point on the
graph represents a data value.
This information can help us to identify and analyze potential problems or
identify exception conditions that are based on thresholds that we set. We
use the performance tool if we need to know the performance of the
database manager and its database applications at a single point in time
and to look at trends over time. We can also use it to get a visual overview
of what elements are in a state of alarm. This helps us identify which
parameters may need tuning. We can then look closely at the parameters
that have been set for that element and change them to improve
  DB2 event monitors
In contrast to taking a point in time snapshot with the DB2 Performance
Monitor, a DB2 event monitor collects information on database activities
over a period of time. This collected information provides a good summary
of the activity for a particular database event, for example, a database
connection or an SQL statement.
Event monitoring records the state of the database at the time that the
specific events occur. It allows us to obtain a trace of the activity on the
database. Event monitor records are stored and then analyzed after the
data has been captured. We use the event monitor when we need to know
how long a transaction took or, for example, how much CPU an SQL
statement used. We then use the Event Analyzer to read the data
recorded from the event monitor.
Apart from these two tools, we should also regularly back up and analyze the
DB2 diagnostic log file, db2diag.log. See Section 4.4.2,  DB2 diagnostic log
file  on page 136 for more information on this. Examine this log file for signs
of potential problems, for example, running out of disk space.
4.2.3 Domino monitoring
Domino includes a number of powerful monitoring features that can be fairly
comprehensive mechanisms for the automatic recording of statistics and
automatic notification of events. This section explains the following
monitoring features:
  Domino server monitor
  Domino statistic display
  Domino monitors
  Notes system diagnostic
Chapter 4. Operational considerations



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