Domino server monitor
Domino Administration server includes a server monitor that provides a visual
representation of the status and availability of the Domino server, tasks,
real time system statistics, and status indicators.
Figure 99 shows a screenshot of the Domino server monitor. To invoke the
Domino server monitor, perform the following tasks:
1. Run the Lotus Domino Administration client.
2. Click on
3. Click on
4. Click on the
Figure 99. Domino server monitor Domino statistic
We can get a snapshot of the Domino statistics from the Domino console. We
need the Domino Administrator client or the character console as described
in Section,  Domino console  on page 120. From the Domino console
prompt, we can issue:
show statistic
It will display the statistics of the Domino server. Figure 100 on page 127
illustrates the output of this command.
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