4.3.1 IBM HTTP Server maintenance
The following tasks are recommended to be performed for the IBM HTTP
  Backup of the ServerRoot directory, in our case, /opt/IBMHTTPServer.
This directory contains all the configuration files and any Web pages found
in htdocs.
You can use any backup method you choose, such as tar. The following
command, when issued from the /opt/IBMHTTPServer directory, will
copy all the IBM HTTP Server files to a backup file, HTTPServer.tar:
tar cvf /HTTPServer.tar
  The log files contained in the /opt/IBMHTTPServer/logs directory are an
important source of information on the server; however, they tend to grow
quickly and need to be pruned.
Issue the following commands from the /opt/IBMHTTPServer/logs
directory to prune them:
mv access_log access_log.old
kill  1  cat httpd.pid 
The kill is necessary; otherwise, httpd will keep writing to the previous log
4.3.2 DB2 routine maintenance
This section illustrates some of the required tasks to ensure the availability
and performance of the DB2 server. These tasks are discussed in:
  Section,  Backing up the DB2 database  on page 130, which
explains an overview of DB2 backup process.
  Section,  DB2 database log files  on page 131, which discusses
the DB2 log files.
  Section,  Table reorganization  on page 132, which illustrates the
table reorganization procedure.
  Section,  DB2 statistic  on page 132, which discusses updating
DB2 statistics. Backing up the DB2 database
A DB2 database must be backed up using the
db2 backup database
Using a file system backup will not result in a database backup with database
integrity intact.
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