Back up Domino file systems
The backup system is very important in daily operation because you never
know when you might get into trouble.
In Domino, the minimum backup that we have to do is to back up all the
Domino server data files, including databases, template files, and the
notes.ini file and ID files, during a daily backup, and other files perhaps
Assuming that our Domino server was running perfectly, we now plan to make
a backup of our Domino server. We need to back up the following directories
and files:
This is the Domino software directory. We need to back it
up only before we upgrade or install the new Domino
server. If resources allow, it is recommended that we
include this directory in our regular backups.
This is the Domino data directory. In this directory we will
find the database, the templates, the mail files, and others.
This directory may require one or more daily backups if
our operations produce a lot of data. If we want to back up
this directory, we must shutdown the Domino server first.
notes.ini, *.id
Keep a copy of these files on a removable media storage
in a secure place. These files are present in the Domino
data directory (/local/notesdata). The ID files include:
cert.id, server.id, user.id.
We can use many tools to make a backup in Linux, such as tar, cpio, and so
on, and we can choose the tool that will best suit our environment. But,
remember that the goal of all backups is to minimize server downtime; so, in
such cases, choose the solution that you are very familiar with. Other maintenance tasks
Routine maintenance is needed in our daily operation to minimize the risk of
potential problems and ensure that our Domino server continues to function
The redbook,
A Roadmap for Deploying Domino in The Organization
SG24 5617, contains a useful checklist of routine maintenance that we can
perform. Please refer to this book for more information.
Chapter 4. Operational considerations



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