4.4 Troubleshooting overview
This section provides an overview on troubleshooting some of the basic
components of our Web server. The discussion is separated into:
  Section 4.4.1,  IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere log files  on page 134
  Section 4.4.2,  DB2 diagnostic log file  on page 136
4.4.1 IBM HTTP Server and WebSphere log files
The following log files are very useful in finding a specific problem for problem
determination and resolution in the Web server. WebSphere logs a large
amount of information to its log files. If something is not functioning correctly,
these logs should be looked at. We briefly discuss some of these log files. All
log files can be found in /opt/IBMWebAS/logs. In this directory, you will
typically find one or more of these:
The JVM standard error log is probably the most useful log of all the
WebSphere logs. In this log, the standard error output from the main
WebSphere Java process appears.
The JVM standard output log is the second most useful one in
WebSphere. The standard output log contains all of the output written by
Java applications to standard output using the methods of the static
java.lang.System.out object. The format of this log is application
dependent. Use this log to inspect debugging and informational messages
from your Java applications writing to System.out. This log is always
The IBM HTTP Server information log contains informational and error
messages generated by the IBM HTTP Server included with WebSphere.
Each time the server is re initialized, a new log is generated with a
different number used as the last component of the file name. The major
part of each of these logs is taken up with messages showing the
properties with which WebSphere is initialized. This is useful in confirming
the parameter values that a particular invocation of WebSphere is using.
Each line contains the following components:
  An ID number specific to the particular invocation of WebSphere. This
is the same number used as a suffix to the log file name.
  A timestamp.
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