The word Property.
  The property name and value separated by an = sign.
  apache.log.ERROR.* and apache.log.TRACE.*
The IBM HTTP Server error log contains error messages generated by the
IBM HTTP server included with WebSphere. The format and content is
similar to that of the information log, but the messages are restricted to
those describing error conditions. These messages are also included in
the information log. The HTTP Server trace log contains additional trace
information when tracing is activated.
The WebSphere trace log contains the output of the different tracing
functions. Each log entry is the result of an event picked up by one of the
tracing monitors and can contain any of the following six components:
  A timestamp
  The name of the tracer that is the source of the event
  The ID of the thread that caused the event
  The severity level of the tracer message
  Any exception generated by the event
  The message text
The servlet admin service error log contains messages that relate to
events and errors that occur during the execution of the WebSphere
administration service. This includes errors that may occur while running
any tracing programs.
The servlet service error log contains error information generated by the
WebSphere servlet service in attempting to run servlets. It includes both
errors pertaining to particular servlets and information pertaining to the
servlet service itself. System.out and System.err output that is produced
by servlets is placed in the JVM standard output and standard error logs,
Chapter 4. Operational considerations



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