Chapter 5. Extending the case study
This chapter discuss some possible extension of our implementation. We
explain these possibilities without being able to perform them ourselves. The
discussion is divided into:
  Section 5.1,  Utilizing advanced features  on page 139, which discusses
the available features that we do not use because of the complexity in
implementing them.
  Section 5.2,  Product limitations in Linux  on page 142, which discusses
the features that are not available in the Linux version of the software that
we use.
5.1 Utilizing advanced features
This section discusses the advanced features in some of the software
products that are not exploited because the lack of implementation time.
However, these feature have already been covered in detail in other
redbooks, such as
Linux for WebSphere and DB2 Servers
, SG24 5850, and
Patterns for e business: User to Business Patterns for Topology 1 and 2
using WebSphere Advanced Edition
, SG24 5864. Refer to these redbooks for
more information.
5.1.1 WebSphere
The following advanced features of WebSphere are available but are not
utilized in our project:
  Section,  DB connection pooling  on page 139
  Section,  User profile tracking  on page 140 DB connection pooling
Connecting and disconnecting from a data server causes the inefficient use
of resources. WebSphere offers a database connection pooling facility that
can be used by programers to manage connections to a database. This is an
API that contains methods for:
  Establishing a pool of open connections to a given database
  Requesting a connection from the managed pool
  Returning the connection to the managed pool
This pool of connections for a given database is managed through the
WebSphere administration facility.
  Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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