The IBM HTTP Server features include easy installation support for SSL
secure connections.
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a protocol that provides privacy and integrity
between two applications using TCPIP. HTTP can use SSL for secure
The data traveling between the client and server are encrypted using a secret
key algorithm. A public key algorithm is used for the exchange of the secret
encryption key and for encrypting the digital signature in the servers
certificate. With the server certificate, the client can verify the server's
Once your server has a digital certificate, SSL enabled browsers, such as
Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, can communicate
securely with your server using the SSL protocol. The IBM HTTP Server
powered by Apache supports client authentication, configurable cipher
specifications, and session ID caching for improving SSL performance on the
UNIX platforms. For further info on SSL, refer to:
 http://www.ibm.com/software/webservers/httpservers/ Caching and dynamic pages
By default, most Web browsers and proxy servers cache Web pages. In the
case of JSP files, SHTML files, and servlets, these Web pages are
dynamically generated and may change for each attempted access.
In order to prevent this caching, and thus access the newly generated
dynamic data, we can add the following code in a Java Server Page or servlet
to prevent Web browsers from caching JSP/SHTML files and servlets:
response.setHeader( Pragma ,  No cache );
response.setDateHeader( Expires ,  0 );
response.setHeader( Cache Control ,  no cache );
Use the following code to prevent a proxy server from sharing cached pages:
response.setHeader( Cache Control ,  private );
Both of these headers can be combined to prevent caching.
Chapter 5. Extending the case study



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