Professional, Jinfonet Software s JReport Professional 1.3,
EnterpriseSoft s Enterprise Reports 3.0, Symantec s Visual Cafe
Database Development Edition Version 3.0, and NetObjects BeanBuilder
  Multi threaded for high performance Web use.
  Works with clustered servers for high application availability via load
balancing and fail over.
  Four sample programs (source .java files provided with documentation).
  Lotus Domino Driver for JDBC is another step in the Lotus commitment to
open standards and accessibility to Domino databases and services so
that customers can integrate Domino into any e business solution
regardless of their enterprise configuration or tools selection.
The JDBC API is included in the Sun JDK v1.1 and higher. The Lotus Domino
Driver for JDBC (LDDJ) classes are provided when you download and install
the Lotus Domino Driver for JDBC. The Lotus Domino Driver for JDBC
requires Notes DLLs to connect to the Domino/Notes database. (This is the
non Java compiled code referred to above.)
  If your Java program is running on a client computer, then the Notes client
must be installed.
  If your Java application is running on a server that is not running Domino,
then the Notes client must be installed and configured to connect to the
Domino server.
  If your Java application is running on the Domino server (for example,
running as a Servlet on R5), then the Notes DLLs and API are already
present and do not need to be installed.
Knowledge of Notes API
You do not need to know the Notes API. The Lotus Domino Driver for
JDBC shields you from that and enables you to use the JDBC API to
connect to Domino and SQL to query, update, and massage Domino
Refer to the URL
for more information about the Lotus
Domino Driver for JDBC.
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