Appendix A. SQL scripts for creating the USERSTUF tables
This appendix provides the source file listings for creating the DB2 tables in
our project.
A.1 The USERINFO table
create table userinfo (
first_name varchar(20) not null,
last_name varchar(20) not null,
email_address varchar(50) not null,
date_joined date not null,
birth_date date not null,
address varchar(200) not null,
username varchar(20) not null,
primary key (username)
A.2 The USERVERIFY table
create table userverify (
username varchar(20) not null,
password varchar(20) not null,
primary key (username)
create table userprofile (
username varchar(20) not null,
as400 char(1),
netfinity char(1),
ncf char(1),
nw char(1),
s390 char(1),
rs6000 char(1),
scalable char(1),
vm char(1),
vse char(1),
windows char(1),
other char(1),
primary key (username)
  Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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