Appendix F. Using the additional material
This redbook also contains additional material in CD ROM. See the
appropriate section below for instructions on using or downloading the
CD ROM material.
F.1 Using the CD ROM
The CD ROM that accompanies this redbook contains the following:
File name or directory
Main HTML file
Automatic run for Window based systems
Various HTML files
Various images used in the HTML files
Directory for the ScreenCam videos
Direcotry for the source code of Java programs
Directory for the HTML and JSP files
Directory for the various script files
Sample redbooks Lotus Domino database
F.1.1 System requirements for using the CD ROM
The following software configuration is recommended for optimal use of the
Web browser
Such as Internet Explorer or NetScape
Adobe Acrobat Reader
For reading the PDF format of the redbook
Windows video/AVI player
For running the Screen Cam videos
F.1.2 How to use the CD ROM
The CD ROM should automatically open a Web browser window. Should you
need to manually open the CD ROM, you can access the contents of the
CD ROM or diskette by pointing your Web browser at the file,
SG246007.html, in the CD ROM root directory and following the links found
  Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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