How to get IBM Redbooks
This section explains how both customers and IBM employees can find out about IBM Redbooks,
redpieces, and CD ROMs. A form for ordering books and CD ROMs by fax or e mail is also provided.
Redbooks Web Site
Search for, view, download, or order hardcopy/CD ROM Redbooks from the Redbooks Web site.
Also read redpieces and download additional materials (code samples or diskette/CD ROM images)
from this Redbooks site.
Redpieces are Redbooks in progress; not all Redbooks become redpieces and sometimes just a few
chapters will be published this way. The intent is to get the information out much quicker than the
formal publishing process allows.
E mail Orders
Send orders by e mail including information from the IBM Redbooks fax order form to:
e mail address
In United States or Canada
Outside North America
Contact information is in the  How to Order  section at this site:
Telephone Orders
United States (toll free)
1 800 879 2755
Canada (toll free)
1 800 IBM 4YOU
Outside North America
Country coordinator phone number is in the  How to Order 
section at this site:
Fax Orders
United States (toll free)
1 800 445 9269
1 403 267 4455
Outside North America
Fax phone number is in the  How to Order  section at this site:
This information was current at the time of publication, but is continually subject to change. The latest
information may be found at the Redbooks Web site.
IBM Intranet for Employees
IBM employees may register for information on workshops, residencies, and Redbooks by accessing
the IBM Intranet Web site at
and clicking the ITSO Mailing List button.
Look in the Materials repository for workshops, presentations, papers, and Web pages developed
and written by the ITSO technical professionals; click the Additional Materials button. Employees may
for redbook, residency, and workshop announcements.
  Copyright IBM Corp. 2000



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