Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
on trouble reporting and resolution, maintenance and upgrades. The Government may 
be required to license selected supported software. In some instances, the 
Government may also need to provide the installation media.  
AT&T will license the following supported software: 
RealNetworks RealAudio/Video Server software 
Microsoft SQL Server 
Allaire Coldfusion 
Netscape Enterprise Server. 
Additional set up and recurring charges may apply.  
AT&T does not provide technical product support in the use of any software, pre 
installed or supported. The Government is responsible for obtaining technical support 
in the use of the software directly from the vendor.  
6.7.3  Server Connectivity Options 
The connection the Government's infrastructure receives is important as the 
architecture itself. Within the Enterprise Hosting Platform, the Government receives 
world class Internet (front end) and administrative (back end) connectivity via the 
AT&T Global IP Backbone and our high speed packet networks. 
Internet (Front End) Connectivity 
Internet (Front end) Connectivity is provided via a burstable WAN access method. 
This allows the Government to exceed their Minimum CIR to the capacity allowed by 
Use or disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject to the restriction on the title page of this proposal. 
I 6 111 



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