Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
each encrypted user. The client technical representative will also be responsible for 
the setup, configuration, and on going maintenance for individual users software as 
well as distribution of authentication tokens. Service Level Agreements and 
performance guarantees are not available, since AT&T can not control software 
license, setup and client configuration for remote users. 
Token Authenticated Client to Firewall option allows an authorized remote user to 
connect to their servers in an AT&T Internet Data Center using a secure token card in 
addition to VPN encryption. Token Authentication requires users to present a 
physical element   the token   in addition to an ID and password.  
The Token Authenticated Client to Firewall option includes the activation of Check 
Point SecureRemote VPN software
 on the AT&T Business Managed Security 
Service firewall, SecurID token and assistance in the setup of the Government's 
remote VPN users. The Check Point SecureRemote VPN Client software, licenses 
and strong two factor authentication tokens will be provided to a designated technical 
representative for user authentication into the VPN
. Certified security experts will 
configure the VPN tunnel in the AT&T location and assist the client provided 
technical representative with the master configuration of the Check Point 
SecureRemote VPN software. AT&T will also provide SecurID Token for each VPN 
tunnel user. The client provided technical representative must distribute Check Point 
VPN SecureRemote software (Version 4.1) for all VPN remote users and be 
responsible for the setup, distribution of authentication tokens, configuration, and on 
going maintenance for individual users software.  
 Currently available on selected computer operating systems including Microsoft Windows 95 & 98, Windows 2000 and 
versions of NT. 
 Setup fees are limited to the maximum of 1 hour for VPN Tunnel setup per remote user. On going support is 
limited to 1 hour per user month. If additional consulting time is required, additional consulting fees will apply.
Use or disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject to the restriction on the title page of this proposal. 
I 6 124 



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