Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
6.7.7  Local Server Load Balancing 
Local Server Load Balancing Service can be thought of as an intra data center 
solution, influencing server traffic balancing between servers housed within a data 
center for optimal performance.  
Local Server Load Balancing Service includes one or more load balancing switches 
to direct traffic between multiple servers housed within a single Internet Data Center, 
local load balancing set up and ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support.  
6.7.8  Global Server Load Balancing 
Global Sever Load Balancing Service provides load balancing between multiple 
servers located in multiple AT&T Internet Data Centers. The service includes a load 
balancing switch in each AT&T Internet Data Center location, global load balancing 
setup and on going monitoring, management and administration. 
If the Government has servers located in more than two (2) geographically dispersed 
AT&T Internet Data Centers, the Government will have the option to choose which 
sites will be set up for global server load balancing. AT&T will provide our 
recommendations for the most efficient set up of the load balancing architecture that 
will provide the best traffic distribution and disaster recovery. 
6.7.9  Simplifying Data Management  
Ever increasing quantities of data need to be instantly and reliably available to 
servers and applications. Utilizing a storage network can alleviate capacity 
bottlenecks by allowing for dynamic reconfiguration of storage resources and the 
systems that access them.  
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