Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
Low end Bundle   (DL380) ideal for an entry level web server or a small scale 
database server.  
Mid level Bundle   (DL580) ideal for a large database server and is particularly 
suitable for clustering.  
High end Bundle   (DL580) ideal for a large scale database server and is 
particularly suitable for clustering.  Clustering Services   Oracle/UNIX 
The Oracle/UNIX Clustering Service consists of three leading industry products: Sun 
Microsystem's Solaris 7 Operating System, Oracle's 8i database, and the Veritas 
Cluster Server. The integration of the three products into one highly available system 
makes this service a viable option for anyone who cannot afford service downtime. 
The service relies on the proven reliability and manageability of Sun Microsystems' 
hardware and operating system. The scalability and robustness of Oracle 8i makes it 
the perfect database application option for the service. Veritas Cluster Server 
provides the intelligence required to make the integrated system  highly available.  
(NOTE: AT&T only supports a two node active passive Oracle cluster system.)  
AT&T manages three Oracle/UNIX clustered database service bundles available: 
low end, mid level, and high end. Each bundle includes two Sun servers, one Sun 
StorEdge D1000 Disk Array, one Oracle 8i Database Enterprise Edition License 
(application will be installed on both servers) and two Veritas Database Edition/HA 
for Oracle Licenses (application will be installed on both servers).  
Low end Bundle   (E220R) functions as a medium to high end web server 
depending on web server content, load, and application, ideal for more 
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I 6 138 



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