Contract # GS00T01AHD0002 
Proposal to Add Federal Telecommunications Service   Long Distance (FTS LD) 
computationally intensive web server applications such as e commerce and SSL. It 
can also function as a lower end combination web/database server.  
Mid level bundle   (E420R) functions as a combination web/database server or 
medium capacity database server. It is ideal for limited scalability.  
High end bundle   (E4500) functions  as a high end redundant, scalable, and 
serviceable, symmetric multi processor system for CPU intensive databases and 
applications. The High end bundle has three (3) options, each of which are identical 
with the exception of the quantity of processors and memory.  
6.7.12 Utilizing Professional Resources 
In addition to AT&T's robust, rock solid hosting platform, infrastructure and 
services, Professional Resources are also available to help enhance the Government's 
business model.  
6.7.13 Load Capacity Testing 
Load Capacity Testing is an optional web based load testing service that conducts 
full scale testing of the Government's site in a matter of hours. It measures site 
response by generating traffic on the site that is equivalent to hundreds or thousands 
of users. It also identifies bottlenecks and capacity constraints prior to or following 
site deployment, or in preparation for a new advertising campaign.  
Consultation experts will review test results with the Government to identify 
transaction response times and bottlenecks between components of the network and 
servers. This gives the Government the information that the Government needs to 
isolate and resolve performance problems and fine tune the Government's system to 
handle the expected load. 
Use or disclosure of data contained on this sheet is subject to the restriction on the title page of this proposal. 
I 6 139 



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