Why You Should 
Not Override service
You can add support for other types of 
requests by adding doPut, doTrace, etc.
You can add support for modification dates
Add a getLastModified method
The service method gives you automatic 
support for: 
HEAD, OPTIONS, and TRACE requests
Alternative: have doPost call doGet
public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request,
HttpServletResponse response)   {
doGet(request, response);
Initializing Servlets
Common in real life servlets
E.g., initializing database connection pools.
Use ServletConfig.getInitParameter to read 
initialization parameters
Call getServletConfig to obtain the ServletConfig object 
Set init parameters in web.xml (ver 2.2/2.3)
 /WEB INF/web.xml
Many servers have custom interfaces to create web.xml
It is common to use init even when 
you don't read init parameters
E.g., to set up data structures that don't change during the 
life of the servlet, to load information from disk, etc.



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