Common HTTP 1.1 Response 
Cache Control (1.1) and Pragma (1.0) 
A no cache value prevents browsers from caching page. 
Send both headers or check HTTP version
Content Encoding 
The way document is encoded. Browser reverses this 
encoding before handling document. See compression 
example earlier.
Content Length
The number of bytes in the response
See setContentLength on previous slide 
Use ByteArrayOutputStream to buffer document  so you 
can determine size. 
See detailed example in Core Servlets and 
JavaServer Pages
Common HTTP 1.1 Response 
Headers (Continued)
Content Type
The MIME type of the document being returned.
Use setContentType to set this header
The time at which document should be considered out of 
date and thus should no longer be cached
Use setDateHeader to set this header
Last Modified
The time document was last changed. 
Don't set this header explicitly; provide a 
getLastModified method instead. 
See example in Core Servlets and JavaServer Pages
Chapter 2



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