Common HTTP 1.1 Response 
Headers (Continued)
The URL to which browser should reconnect.
Use sendRedirect instead of setting this directly. 
The number of seconds until browser should reload page. 
Can also include URL to connect to.  See following 
Set Cookie
The cookies that browser should remember. Don't set this 
header directly; use addCookie instead.
WWW Authenticate
The authorization type and realm needed in Authorization 
header. See details in More Servlets & JavaServer Pages.
Persistent Servlet State and 
Auto Reloading Pages
Idea: generate list of large (e.g., 150 digit) 
prime numbers
Show partial results until completed
Let new clients make use of results from others
Demonstrates use of the Refresh header
Shows how easy it is for servlets to 
maintain state between requests
Very difficult in traditional CGI 
Also illustrates that servlets can handle 
multiple simultaneous connections
Each request is in a separate thread
Synchronization required for shared data



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