Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 6 
Chapter 1: Understand Web Hosting Basics 
What Is Web Hosting? 
Before you working with your plan, take some time to familiarize yourself with your web 
hosting plan. Let s start with a few definitions:  
A server is a computer attached to a network whose function is to provide (or serve 
up) data or other resources to client computers. A web server, for example, sends 
web pages to the Internet when asked for them by a browser. Other kinds of servers 
you might encounter are email servers (which manage email distribution), 
application servers (computers that run applications used by other computers), and 
workgroup servers (which allow multiple users to share data).  
web host 
A web host is an interconnected group of web servers containing web site data that 
other computers can access through the Internet. Web hosts, such as Yahoo!, may 
also provide technical resources and site maintenance. 
web site 
A web site is a collection of web pages, usually linked to each other, that are made 
available on the World Wide Web by an organization or individual. 
(For more helpful definitions, please see the glossary at the end of this guide or in our 
online help center at 
You might think of a web host as a landlord. A landlord builds and maintains the structure, 
then rents storefronts to other businesses. Each business designs and operates its store 
differently and leaves building maintenance to the landlord.  
Likewise, a web host such as Yahoo! rents space on a web server to businesses and 
individuals like you. Each web hosting customer builds his own web site, while Yahoo!, the 
host, maintains the network of servers. Paying for a web hosting service means you don t 
have to invest lots of money or endure technical headaches to create and maintain a world 
class network like ours. We monitor the network and protect your data so you can focus on 
your web site.  
About Your Plan 
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