Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 10 
Please note that if you choose to downgrade, you may need to remove files and email 
addresses to avoid exceeding the limits of your lower level plan.  
Can I move my existing web site to Yahoo! Web Hosting? 
Yes! To move a site you ve already created elsewhere to Yahoo! Web Hosting, just make 
sure you have a copy of all your web site files   including images, sound and video clips, 
and other files   on your personal computer. After you sign up for a Yahoo! Web Hosting 
plan, you ll be able to use an FTP program to transfer all your files to your new web site. 
Where can I see some sample web sites built with my Web Hosting plan? 
For a look at how some Yahoo! Web Hosting users have achieved success with a their Web 
Hosting plan   and to find some helpful site building tips   see our "Customer Success 
Stories" page at http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/webhosting/success_stories.php.  
Can I add additional disk space, data transfer, or email addresses to my plan? 
Yes, we understand that even with the generous disk space, data transfer, and email 
address allotments in your plan, every site needs room to grow, so we make it possible to 
add extras to your plan anytime. To add extras to your plan, click the "Manage My Services" 
button in the upper right corner of any page, locate the plan for which you d like to 
purchase the extras, and click the corresponding "Add Extras" link. On the following page, 
you ll be able to select additional disk space and email addresses. To add data transfer, click 
the "Data Transfer" link in the upper right corner of the page. On the following page, you 
can choose either to shut down your site if you exceed your original data transfer allotment 
or automatically add an additional 5GB of space to keep your site active. 
The Home and Manage tabs of your Web Hosting Control Panel help you keep an eye on 
your disk space and data transfer by displaying your current usage. You can use the "Buy 
more disk space" or "Buy more data transfer" links beneath each display to quickly add 
extra allotments to your plan.  
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