Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 11 
Can I change the Yahoo! ID that s associated with one of my Web Hosting 
For security reasons, it is currently not possible to associate a different Yahoo! ID with your 
current Yahoo! Web Hosting account. You can create an additional Web Hosting account 
using the same Yahoo! ID, but you cannot change the Yahoo! ID associated with an existing 
Web Hosting account. 
Where can I check my billing information? 
To review or update your billing information anytime, visit the premium services billing 
center anytime at 
. (You ll be asked to sign in to your account 
before you can access your billing information.) Here you can review your accounts and 
payment history, check your billing date, update your payment information, and more.  
How can I add another service to my plan? 
You can add to your plan anytime. Consider registering variants of your domain name   
you can forward them all to your current web site. Or perhaps you already built a web site 
for your upcoming wedding, and now you d like to create one for your business. No 
problem: Go ahead and sign up for another Web Hosting plan. You ll be able to manage 
both of your plans using the same Yahoo! ID and Web Hosting Control Panel.  
To add a service to your Web Hosting plan:  
Sign in to Yahoo! and visit your Web Hosting Control Panel at 
On the Manage tab, in the Web Hosting Account Details module, click the "Add a 
service" link. 
Select the name of the service you d like to add. You ll go to an informational page 
where you can find answers to any questions you might have about that service and 
sign up immediately. 
For in depth information about billing, signing in, and more, please consult our online help 
center at 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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