Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 13 
Email: We created a default mailbox for you when you signed up for your plan. You will not 
be able to send or receive mail yet, but you can edit your default mailbox, add more 
mailboxes, set up POP access to your account, and more.  
We will notify you as soon as your domain has completed propagation and become active. 
In the meantime, you can begin building your web site and familiarizing yourself with your 
Web Hosting features.  
While your domain is pending, you can view your web site using this temporary web 
address: http://hostingprod.com/@widgetdesigns.com (replace "widgetdesigns.com" 
with your own web address). 
When you receive email notification that your domain has become active, be sure to test all 
of your settings. Go to your web address at http://www.widgetdesigns.com (be sure to 
replace "widgetdesigns.com" with your own domain name) to be sure it displays either the 
"Under Construction" page we ve created for you or a home page you created yourself. 
Domain Locking and Private Domain Registration 
When you register a new domain through Yahoo!, you can take advantage of domain 
locking and the Private Domain Registration feature, enhancements we offer to help protect 
your domain and your privacy. 
Domain locking is a free security enhancement offered by Yahoo! to prevent unauthorized 
transfers of your domain to another registrar or web host by "locking" your domain name 
servers. When your domain is locked, you ll be substantially protected from unauthorized 
third parties who might try to misdirect your name servers (rerouting your site visitors to 
another site) or transfer your domain without your permission. You will also be unable to 
inadvertently make changes to your name servers that could prevent Yahoo! from hosting 
your domain services properly. 
Private Domain Registration, which you can add to your Web Hosting plan for an additional 
$0.75 per month, allows you to shield your personal information from unwanted solicitors 
by replacing your contact information in the public domain registration database with that of 
Yahoo! s Melbourne IT. This information is required with every domain registration; with 
Private Domain Registration, you can simply make it unavailable to the public.  
For more information about domain locking and Private Domain Registration, see our online 
help center at 
Using a Domain You Already Own 
If you signed up for your plan using a domain name you registered elsewhere, you will need 
to redelegate your domain name. Redelegating simply means telling your domain registrar 
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