Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 14 
to redirect certain settings for your domain (called name servers) so that they point to 
Yahoo! s servers, the computers that make your web site available on the Internet.  
The redelegation process varies depending on which registrar you originally registered your 
domain. Many allow you to make the changes on their web sites.  
To redelegate your domain, simply contact your registrar (such as Network Solutions) and 
ask it to replace your current name servers with Yahoo! s name servers. You ll need to 
provide this information:  
Primary Name Server: yns1.yahoo.com  
Primary IP Address: (may not be required) 
Secondary Name Server: yns2.yahoo.com  
Secondary IP Address: (may not be required)  
Please be aware that Yahoo! has no jurisdiction over domain names registered with other 
services. Only you (the registrant), through your current hosting provider or registrar, have 
the ability to modify this information. 
Once you complete redelegation, it can take up to 48 hours for changes to your domain to 
take effect. During this time visitors to your domain may see whatever web site (if any) was 
associated with your domain before redelegating to Yahoo!  
Please be aware that redelegation is not a registrar transfer. You will still be responsible for 
paying all fees associated with your domain name renewal directly to your original registrar. 
For more information about redelegation, see our online help center at 
Common Questions 
Who owns the domain name I register? 
When you register your domain during your order for services, you designate the registrant 
(owner) and administrator. Yahoo! is only listed as the technical contact and name servers. 
As the registrant, you have final authority and responsibility regarding the use of your 
domain name. For more information, refer to the Domain Registration Agreement that 
pertains to your domain name. You can find the Domain Registration Agreement in your 
Terms of Service. 
Can I move my domain name to Yahoo!? 
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