Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 15 
Not at this time. Yahoo! will host your domain name for you (redelegation) but we don t 
offer the ability to transfer your domain name registration to us (registrar transfer). 
What is the difference between redelegation and registrar transfer? 
When you redelegate your domain, you re telling your domain registrar to change the 
provider of your domain name services, such as web hosting or email. To redelegate a 
domain, you ll modify your name servers to point to a new service provider, such as Yahoo!, 
but your domain name registrar   the organization that holds your domain records and is 
responsible for your domain renewals   remains unchanged. Redelegation ensures that you 
can change your email and hosting provider anytime. 
A registrar transfer indicates that you have moved your domain name registration from one 
organization to another, such as from Network Solutions to Melbourne IT. When you 
transfer your domain to a different registrar, the new registrar becomes responsible for 
maintaining your domain registration records, managing your domain renewals, and other 
administrative details. 
Redelegation and registrar transfer are independent events: You can redelegate your 
domain name without transferring it to a new registrar, and you can change registrars 
without changing the provider of your domain services. Your hosting provider does not need 
to be the same as your registrar. You can redelegate a domain you registered elsewhere to 
Yahoo! so that you can use a domain you already own with your Yahoo! plan. 
Please note that while Yahoo! currently allows you to redelegate a domain you registered 
elsewhere to use with your Yahoo! plan, we don t yet offer the ability to transfer your 
domain registration to Yahoo!  
I signed up for my plan more than 48 hours ago. Why is my domain still pending? 
When you choose to use a domain you already own with Yahoo!, your domain will need to 
be redelegated to Yahoo! s name servers within 15 days of your order. The process varies 
depending on where you originally registered your web address. Make sure you have taken 
the appropriate steps to redelegate your name servers. 
Network Solutions 
If you registered your domain through Network Solutions, a transfer request was sent to the 
administrative contact for your domain. If you or your administrative contact haven t 
received a transfer request from Network Solutions, you ll need to update the contact 
information for your domain at Network Solutions s site at http://networksolutions.com/. 
Once the administrative contact information is updated, please notify us using the form at 
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