Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 18 
You ll need to communicate with your registrar if you want to renew your domain and 
whenever you want to make changes to your domain name information, such as your 
contact address, name servers, or advanced DNS records. Your registrar is also required to 
keep a record of your personal contact information.  
If you registered your domain through Yahoo!, you can manage all of these details yourself 
from your Yahoo! account. 
Where do I manage my domain name? 
You ll manage your domain on your Domain Control Panel. To access the Domain Control 
Visit your Business Control Panel at 
. You 
will be asked to sign in if you haven t already done so.  
Once signed in, you will see modules for each of your domain names. Select the 
"Domain Control Panel" link that corresponds to the domain whose record you wish 
to review.  
If you registered your domain through Yahoo!, you ll be able to edit your domain contact 
information, advanced DNS records, and other settings from the Domain Control Panel. If 
you re using a domain you registered elsewhere with your Web Hosting plan, you may need 
to contact your registrar to modify certain domain settings. 
What are subdomains? 
A subdomain, sometimes called a "third level" domain, is a great way to create a 
memorable web address for a section of your web site. 
Your domain is a folder that contains your site files; a subdirectory is a folder contained 
within this main folder (such as http://www.yourdomain.com/subdirectory1). A subdomain, 
on the other hand, is basically an alias, another address that can be created for one of your 
subdirectories. An Internet user can enter the subdomain in his browser s address bar to 
view the subdirectory with which it s associated. Yahoo!, for example, uses subdomains 
such as mail.yahoo.com and music.yahoo.com to reference its mail and music services, 
under the umbrella of www.yahoo.com.  
Yahoo! makes it easy to create subdomains. To get started, head to the Manage tab of your 
Web Hosting Control Panel and click the "Manage Subdomains" link. 
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