Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 20 
Chapter 3: Get to Know Your Control Panels 
As the owner of a Yahoo! Small Business plan, you ll need to sign in to your account 
anytime you d like to publish changes to your web site, monitor your site status reports, or 
make any administrative changes to your plan (such as creating new email addresses, 
purchasing add ons, or altering your billing information). For your security, we require that 
you enter your Yahoo! ID and secret password to access your account information. 
To sign in to your account, visit the Yahoo! Small Business home page at 
. If you have not yet signed in, you ll be able to do so here.  
Web Hosting Control Panel  
After you sign in to your account, you can visit your Web Hosting Control Panel at 
. The Web Hosting Control Panel is the console from which you 
can administer every aspect of your Web Hosting plan, from creating new web pages and 
managing your email to reviewing your site statistics, monitoring your disk space usage, 
and more. We recommend that you take a look at its features and begin to familiarize 
yourself with its powerful tools. 
The control panel is divided under a series of tabs, which organize your tools by function; 
each reflects a group of related tasks. Home is your source of general site information, 
such as site statistics and data transfer. In Create & Update, you ll find site building, 
blogging, file management, editing, and other tools, including add ons, File Manager, and 
advanced scripting tools. From Manage you can work with email, FTP, and passwords, and 
you ll market your site with the help of Promote. For assistance finding or using a feature, 
look to the Index and Help tabs. 
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