Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 25 
Chapter 4: Set Up Your Email 
What Is Email? 
Email, or electronic mail, refers to a message or messages sent from one computer to 
another over a network (email also signifies the process of transmitting these messages). 
When you choose a Yahoo! ID and password, you gain access to Yahoo! s free email service. 
With a Yahoo! Web Hosting plan, you can take advantage of Yahoo! Business Mail or 
Personal Address, both of which allow you to create personalized email addresses based on 
your own web address (such as you@widgetdesigns.com), among other features. 
Before you get started setting up and using your email, we recommend familiarizing 
yourself with the terms below. For more helpful definitions, please see the glossary at the 
end of this guide or in our online help center at 
email account 
An email account is, technically, a password protected repository for email where a 
user can receive, access, and store mail; in other words, it s the means through 
which you can engage in and manage your email correspondence. An email account 
includes one mailbox and one or more unique email addresses. A Business Mail plan 
allows you to create more than 2,000 individual email accounts, each with a mailbox 
storage capacity of 2GB and a unique email address that matches your domain, or 
web address. Personal Address plans include 10 email addresses, each of which is 
associated with a free Yahoo! email account. Learn more about your email service. 
email address 
An email address is a unique address (such as you@widgetdesigns.com) used to 
receive and send email to a particular destination. An email address may correspond 
to a mailbox, where you store and retrieve your messages, or (for Business Mail 
users only) a mail forward, which acts as an extra address for a mailbox.  
Email Control Panel 
The Email Control Panel is the central administrative console of the Yahoo! Business 
Mail service. From the Email Control Panel, the owner and administrators of the 
service can edit their default mailbox, add more mailboxes or mail forwards, set up 
POP access, and more. 
A mailbox is the repository into which email associated with one or more email 
addresses is sent   essentially a private, virtual inbox that receives and stores email 
until you delete it. Each mailbox must have a unique email address, but (for 
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