Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 26 
Business Mail users only) it can also receive and store mail sent via a mail forward, 
or alias, which acts as an extra address for that mailbox.
catch all mailbox 
A catch all mailbox is a Business Mail feature that allows you to receive email sent to 
your domain that might be misaddressed or misspelled (for example, bob@ instead 
of robert@widgetdesigns.com)   even mail sent to email addresses at your domain 
that don t exist   rather than having the email "bounced," or returned to the sender. 
mail forward (alias) 
A mail forward, or alias, is an extra email address for a mailbox. A mail forward does 
not have its own password or mailbox; rather, a mail forward redirects (forwards) 
mail to a specified mailbox. The mail forward feature is included in the Yahoo! 
Business Mail service. 
POP (Post Office Mail) is an email protocol that allows you to retrieve, compose, and 
manage email messages using a desktop application like Microsoft Outlook, Outlook 
Express, or Eudora. All Web Hosting users can take advantage of POP access as well 
as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), which makes it possible to send messages 
from your computer using your own email client. 
About Your Email 
Your email service will help you project a professional image. Your postal address and 
masthead represent part of your branding, along with your logo, taglines, and other unique 
characteristics of your business. When you sign up for Yahoo! Web Hosting, you also choose 
a domain that has meaning for you or your business. With Business Mail or Personal 
Address, you can bring your email communications in line with your company s identity by 
customizing email addresses to match.  
Business Mail and Personal Address can also help you stay organized. Your free Yahoo! 
email account offers limited storage and a single mailbox into which all of your email 
correspondence is delivered. What if you could easily sort your messages by creating a 
virtual mail slot for each common mail topic? When you create personalized addresses, you 
can do just that: For example, your customers or colleagues could send questions to 
info@widgetdesigns.com, suggestions to feedback@widgetdesigns.com, and personal 
invitations to you@widgetdesigns.com. You ll decide where each of these custom addresses 
delivers your messages, making your correspondence easier to manage. 
We think personalized email is so important, we include it with all Yahoo! Web Hosting 
plans. Depending on which plan you chose and the date you signed up, you may use 
Business Mail or Personal Address. If you re not sure which service comes with your plan, 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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