Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 27 
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Business Mail 
Your Business Mail plan includes a certain number of mailboxes, repositories into which 
email messages can be delivered. Each of those mailboxes is allotted 2GB of storage space 
on our dedicated Business Email servers (this means they can each hold email messages 
whose combined size adds up to 2GB). When you set up your email service, you will be able 
to create personalized email addresses; these addresses represent delivery routes to and 
from your mailboxes. You can use these email addresses and mailboxes yourself or assign 
them to friends or colleagues.  
Your Business Mail mailboxes are distinct from your free Yahoo! Mail account. With the 
Business Mail service, you will be able to send and receive email using both your free 
Yahoo! email address (such as you@yahoo.com) and your personalized email addresses 
(you@widgetdesigns.com). You ll be able to receive messages in both your free mailbox and 
your Business Mail mailbox(es). You can access both through Yahoo! s Webmail interface or 
with your own software via POP mail.  
Personal Address 
Personal Address works somewhat differently. Like Business Mail, Personal Address allows 
you to create personalized email addresses; however, instead of pointing to a mailbox on 
our Business Email servers, these email addresses are associated with a free Yahoo! 
mailbox. You and anyone to whom you assign an email address will be able to send and 
receive email using both your free Yahoo! email address (you@yahoo.com) and your 
personalized email address (such as you@widgetdesigns.com), and you will retrieve all of 
your messages by signing in to your free Yahoo! Mail account or using POP mail to download 
them with your own email client. Personal Address does not include any extra storage space 
for your free Yahoo! mailbox, but because each address is associated with a unique mailbox 
(and Yahoo! ID), your total email storage space can grow tenfold when you set up your 
service (10 email addresses at 250MB each equals more than 2GB!). 
If you currently use Personal Address but would like to take advantage of Business Mail s 
larger storage space, mailboxes, and other features, don t worry   you can upgrade 
anytime. Learn more in our online help center at 
http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/webhosting/billing/billing 03.html
Email and Your Domain 
If you just signed up for your Web Hosting plan, your domain may still be pending. Pending 
means that your domain is not yet active across the Internet (if you are registering a new 
domain name) or that changes to your name server settings have not yet taken effect (if 
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