Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 30 
users, and more. If you use Personal Address, you can create new addresses and send 
invitations to their owners so they can set up their email accounts. 
For added convenience, Business Mail users can also use the Email Setup Wizard to create 
new email addresses. (Please note that the wizard allows you to create POP and Webmail 
mailboxes only; you cannot use the Email Setup Wizard to create a POP only mailbox or a 
mail forward.) In the Email Management module of the Manage tab, just click the "Add an 
Email Address" link to get started. 
Test Your Active Domain 
We will notify you as soon as your domain has become active. Be sure to test your email 
settings to make sure that you don t miss any important correspondence: 
Sign in to your mailbox: If you re using Business Mail, go directly to 
http://mail.widgetdesigns.com (be sure to replace "widgetdesigns.com" with your 
domain name) and enter your Yahoo! ID and password. Personal Address users 
should sign in to their free Yahoo! mailbox at http://mail.yahoo.com. 
If you plan to use your own email client to send and receive messages, make sure 
your POP settings are correct by sending a test message (see your client s Help files 
for step by step instructions). 
For more information about Business Mail, Personal Address, the Email Setup Wizard, and 
other email topics, please see our online help center at 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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