Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 32 
Step 3: Consider Content 
We know you ll want to get your site online quickly. 
To speed the process while staying organized, think 
about your site content and make a list of the 
information you d like to include. Are you creating an 
online brochure to advertise your business? Chances 
are you ll want to include a welcome page, a 
description of your company and services, your 
contact information, and perhaps an email form so 
your customers can give you feedback or ask 
questions. Building a site to celebrate your upcoming 
wedding? You may want to include details about the 
wedding, short biographies of the bride and groom, a 
few photos, and RSVP information.  
Take some time now to jot down your ideas, then start gathering your content. If you ve 
already created brochures or flyers for your organization, you can save time by using the 
content you ve already created. Starting from scratch? Write a description of your 
organization, create a schedule of upcoming events, develop survey questions, outline 
directions to your business. If you re building a photo album, start collecting your images 
and writing captions for them. Do you want to include links to other web sites? Make a list 
of those sites and their web addresses. If you have a logo, make sure you have an image of 
it ready to add to your pages. Are you planning to build an online store? An initial inventory 
of your catalog items, along with their names, descriptions, item numbers, and images, for 
example, will help you organize your site.  
The more you know about your content before you start, the easier you ll find designing and 
building your first site. But relax! Remember that with Yahoo! Web Hosting, almost nothing 
is set in stone: You ll be able to update your web site anytime, whether that means 
changing a few words or adding dozens of new pages. You don t even have to stick with the 
same site building tool! (Your domain name and Yahoo! ID are just about the only 
immutable aspects of your plan.) 
Step 4: Draw an Outline 
Now that you ve developed a general idea of the content you want to present, try drawing a 
basic outline of your site. List the pages you ll need   a home page, "About Us" page, 
contact page, and several photo pages, for example   and sketch a basic tree structure to 
show how they will relate to each other. You might include links on your home page to your 
"About Us" page, contact page, and a photo page; your photo page might in turn link to a 
dozen other photo pages. If you re displaying a portfolio, you might link your home page to 
a few descriptive pages that index your work; these in turn could link to your writing 
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