Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 33 
samples or art. Will your home page include a link to your survey, or should that link appear 
on your contact page? Try to come up with a blueprint of your page structure. 
contact us 
about us 
product 1 
product 2 
The outline and ideas you develop will help guide you as you start creating pages and 
building your site. If you get stuck or just want some suggestions, go online! Review some 
Yahoo! Web Hosting success stories at 
, or examine some 
SiteBuilder templates at 
. Take a look at web 
sites that you admire or that address topics similar to yours and make a note of their 
content and organization. What kinds of information do they include? Are they easy to use? 
Does their organization make sense to you? Write down your ideas   they ll come in handy 
as you get started.  
Site Navigation 
After you ve outlined your site, you ll have a better idea of which pages are most important 
  which in turn will help determine your site navigation.  
A navigation bar is an element on a web page, often graphical, that contains links to other 
pages in the web site. Many sites display a single, consistent navigation bar on each page 
(usually across the left side or top of the page) to provide site visitors with a convenient, 
organized way to browse the important pages or areas of the site. The navigation bar at the 
top of every page in Web Hosting Help, for example, includes links to Small Business Home 
and Yahoo!  
To create your navigation buttons automatically, use Yahoo! SiteWizards or SiteBuilder s 
navigation bar tool, which provides a wide variety of customizable button styles and will 
easily generate all the navigation links you need.  
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