Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 37 
Third Party Tools 
With Yahoo! Web Hosting, you can choose the tool that s right for you. If you re an 
experienced user more comfortable working with your own site building software, such as 
Microsoft FrontPage or Macromedia Dreamweaver, or you need the advanced features 
available in software like Adobe GoLive, go ahead and build your site offline, with your own 
tools. You can even create an entire site by hand offline using your own HTML or text editor 
(or online with our editors) or use your own software or our advanced scripting tools to 
create pages with PHP, Perl, and MySQL. 
(Please note that some third party software must be purchased separately from Yahoo! Web 
Hosting. To purchase your own software, visit Yahoo! Shopping at 
To use a third party site building tool with your plan, you ll simply need to copy the web 
pages and files you develop with your own software to your Web Hosting account. You ll set 
up your software to connect with our servers, then use FTP (or, if you re using Microsoft 
FrontPage, the Publish function) to upload your files to your Web Hosting account. 
To learn more about using third party tools with your Web Hosting plan, please see our 
online help center at 
Blog Tools 
Interested in creating a blog on your site? Short for web log, a blog is basically an online 
journal featuring frequently updated, chronological entries (or posts). Anyone can put 
together a personal or professional blog as an addition to or even in place of a static web 
If you re an experienced user, you can now easily set up and manage a sophisticated blog 
from your Web Hosting Control Panel using the industry leading 
 blog publishing systems. Not comfortable with advanced tools? We ve got you 
covered: The Yahoo! 360  blog tools will soon be added to your Web Hosting Control Panel, 
allowing you to easily integrate a basic blog into your own site. 
For more on blogging and blog tools, please see our online help center at 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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