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You can download Yahoo! SiteBuilder to your computer just as you would download any 
other file or application from the Web. Just go to the Create & Update or Index tabs of your 
Web Hosting Control Panel and click on the "Yahoo! SiteBuilder" link to get started, or go 
directly to the SiteBuilder download page at http://sitebuilder.yahoo.com. (If you have not 
signed in to Yahoo!, you ll be prompted to do so   or sign up for a Yahoo! ID, if you don t 
already have one   before you can begin your download.)  
Yahoo! SiteBuilder is also available on CD ROM. To request a hard copy of SiteBuilder: 
Go to http://webhosting.yahoo.com/ps/sb/download.php. 
Click the CD request form link. 
Fill out the form and click "Submit."  
Note: Due to high demand, you will receive your Yahoo! SiteBuilder CD ROM in 
approximately four to six weeks. If you would like to install SiteBuilder on more than one 
computer, please order only one CD   you can use it on as many computers as you like. 
Who can use Yahoo! SiteBuilder? 
Anyone with a Yahoo! ID can download Yahoo! SiteBuilder at no charge and use it to build a 
web site. However, in order to publish your site to the Web, you must be a Yahoo! Web 
Hosting or Merchant Solutions customer.  
Can I update my version of Yahoo! SiteBuilder? 
Yes. Yahoo! SiteBuilder comes with a built in update feature than enables you to 
automatically update your software with the latest enhancements, help content, and bug 
We recommend that you update your copy of SiteBuilder whenever we make a new version 
available so that you can take advantage of the enhancements we regularly provide. And 
don t worry about losing your work   we make sure each new version of SiteBuilder works 
seamlessly with the previous release. 
To update your version of Yahoo! SiteBuilder, first make sure that you are connected to the 
Internet. From your computer s Start menu, choose Programs, then Yahoo!, then Yahoo! 
SiteBuilder; select Update Yahoo! SiteBuilder. Your version of SiteBuilder will update 
Important note to current SiteBuilder users: Our latest version of SiteBuilder includes 
special enhancements that require a different upgrade process. If you are currently using a 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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