Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 40 
version of SiteBuilder older than version 2.2, please download the latest version of 
SiteBuilder from our SiteBuilder download page at http://sitebuilder.yahoo.com. Thereafter, 
you will be able to upgrade using the steps outlined above.  
For more details, and to learn how to determine which version of SiteBuilder you are using, 
please see our online help center at 
http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/webhosting/sitebuilder2/basics/basics 02.html
Can I build and manage more than one site using Yahoo! SiteBuilder? 
Yes. There is no limit to the number of web sites you can create using Yahoo! SiteBuilder. 
Though you can publish only one site per Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account, you 
can publish up to 100 sites with a single Yahoo! ID. 
Using SiteBuilder 
If you ve installed Yahoo! SiteBuilder on your computer, you re ready to start building your 
own professional looking web site. If you ever get stuck and need some assistance, you can 
always turn to the searchable help center included in your software, which will walk you 
through every aspect of building your web site with Yahoo! SiteBuilder. We ve included 
some of the most useful information below.  
Before You Begin Using SiteBuilder  
Congratulations on choosing Yahoo! SiteBuilder to create and update your web site! This 
brief guide will help you evaluate, install, and familiarize yourself with SiteBuilder before 
you get started creating your site. 
Your Web Site Folder 
Before you start working with SiteBuilder, it s important to understand how it works with 
your computer. You ll use SiteBuilder just like any other desktop software. SiteBuilder runs 
on your local computer, which means you can work with the tool even when you re not 
connected to the Internet (you will need to connect only when you re ready to publish). Just 
as you might open a word processing program to write a letter, you will open SiteBuilder 
whenever you want to create or update pages of your site. And just as you might save 
copies of your letters and other documents in folders on your hard drive, you ll save the files 
that make up your web pages in a special SiteBuilder folder. 
When you begin to create a web page or site with SiteBuilder s Site Creation 
Wizard, we will ask you to name the folder in which your web site files will 
A SiteBuilder folder
be stored, then choose a location for this site folder. The wizard will 
suggest a location for you; unless you are an advanced user and need to store your site 
elsewhere on your computer, we recommend choosing the default selection.  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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