Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 41 
In the example below, we chose the name "new_site" for the folder that will house our web 
site files, then chose the Next button to select the default location for this folder, "sites."  
For each site that you build using SiteBuilder, you will create a new web site folder, each 
with a unique name. We recommend storing all of your web site folders in the same 
location. (Please note that you can create as many sites as you like. Though you can publish 
only one site per Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account, you can publish up to 100 
sites with a single Yahoo! ID.) 
Have you already created a web site? SiteBuilder makes it easy to import a web site you 
created using another tool. When you import your site, SiteBuilder will save your site in the 
default folder, sites. Unless you are an advanced user and need to store your site elsewhere 
on your computer, we recommend that you do not move your site files elsewhere.  
Note: Please be advised that Yahoo! SiteBuilder offers only limited support for web sites 
built with tools other than Yahoo! SiteBuilder or Yahoo! PageBuilder that incorporate HTML 
and/or other programming languages. Yahoo! SiteBuilder will do its best to interpret 
imported pages correctly, preserving their original content, formatting, and layout. 
However, you should be sure to check all of your pages carefully for errors before saving. 
You can also import a web site that you ve created outside of Yahoo! by uploading those site 
files to your Web Hosting or Merchant Solutions account with FTP, then importing those files 
into SiteBuilder using the steps above.  
Explore SiteBuilder 
In your SiteBuilder Control Panel, you ll find all the tools you need to create a professional 
looking web site. Before you begin working on your site, we suggest you take a moment to 
familiarize yourself with its features. 
Menu bar: The menus at the top of your screen contain all of the commands and tools 
you ll need to work with your site.  
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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