Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 42 
Toolbar: Just below the menu bar, the toolbar contains small icons that represent shortcuts 
to the most used menu commands. Click an item in the toolbar just as you d select an 
option from a menu.  
Help: The pane on the far left side of your SiteBuilder screen offers a variety of help 
options. The Help Home tab will get you started; choose the SiteBuilder User Guide tab for 
an overview of your help options; or click on the 
 icon for a full index of Yahoo! 
SiteBuilder Help topics.  
Design pane: In the center of your screen lies the page editing 
area, where you will create and update your web pages. You can 
open several pages at once and navigate between them using the 
tabs at the top of the design pane.  
Page Effects pane: Located just below the editing pane, the Page 
Effects area lists all of the page effects associated with the current 
open page, such as backgrounds, page transitions, and cursor trails.  
Site Contents: This pane, found in the upper right corner of the 
screen, displays the contents of the web site currently being edited, 
including elements such as images, files, and folders.  
Preview: In the bottom right corner of your SiteBuilder Control Panel, you ll see a small 
preview of the currently selected web page.  
On the horizontal or vertical bars separating each pane on your SiteBuilder Control Panel, 
you ll find a small arrow, which you can use to collapse or expand the module. Click the 
arrow once to collapse a module you rarely use, minimizing the space it occupies on your 
control panel; click it again to expand the module when you re ready to use those features. 
You can customize your control panel view anytime by expanding and collapsing the panes. 
If you re not ready to work with Page Effects, for instance, you might collapse that module 
to save editing space. 
Use arrows like this one to expand or minimize a SiteBuilder pane
To quickly expand or minimize panes on your SiteBuilder Control Panel, you can also turn to 
the View menu. By clicking items in this menu, you can select only the panes you want to 
use, or deselect those you don t need at the moment. Don t worry about "losing" a control 
panel area: To expand every pane in the control panel, choose Show All Panes, or select 
Restore Default View to display all panes in their default size. 
Next Steps: Try Out the Site Creation Wizard and Get Started 
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