Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 43 
New to site building? SiteBuilder is the place to start. SiteBuilder s Site Creation Wizard 
offers a quick and easy way to get started building your site. You can launch the wizard 
anytime by selecting New Site... from SiteBuilder s File menu.  
The Site Creation Wizard will walk you step by step through the process of creating a basic 
web page or multipage web site. When you re finished, you can customize your pages with 
your own words and pictures. When you re ready to show your creations to the world, we ll 
show you how to publish to your Yahoo! account.  
We understand that building a site can seem intimidating, so we encourage you to have fun: 
Take some time to experiment with SiteBuilder s features, try out the Site Creation Wizard a 
few times, and explore the SiteBuilder User Guide. Then start building! 
Getting Started with SiteBuilder  
Now that you ve become familiar with your SiteBuilder Control Panel and learned a little 
about SiteBuilder s features, don t hesitate to get started. SiteBuilder is as flexible as you 
are: You ll be able to create, customize, and delete pages   or an entire web site   
1. Import or Create a Site 
If you ve already built a web page or site with another tool, such as Yahoo! PageBuilder or 
Microsoft FrontPage, you can import it from your Web Hosting account into Yahoo! 
SiteBuilder, then edit and publish it just as you d work with a brand new site.  
To open an existing web site, select Open Site... from the File menu and follow the 
instructions provided.  
Note: Please be advised that Yahoo! SiteBuilder offers only 
limited support for web sites built with tools other than Yahoo! 
SiteBuilder or Yahoo! PageBuilder that incorporate HTML and/or 
other programming languages. If any web pages in your web 
site were not originally built with these tools, Yahoo! SiteBuilder 
will import those pages without modifying them and do its best 
to interpret the pages correctly, preserving their original 
content, formatting, and layout. However, you should be sure to 
check all of your pages carefully for errors before saving. 
Please be aware as well that web sites imported into Yahoo! 
SiteBuilder will no longer be editable in Yahoo! PageBuilder or 
other site wizards or software. If you are concerned about being 
able to edit your web site using another site building tool later, 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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