Web Hosting Getting Started Guide 44 
we recommend that you make a copy of your web site files and save them on your 
computer before importing your web site. 
New to site building? The Site Creation Wizard will walk you step by step through the 
process of creating a basic web page or multipage web site, getting you up and running in 
no time. Whenever you re ready to create a new site, just select New Site... from 
SiteBuilder s File menu.  
You ll select a name for your web site folder; decide whether to start with a blank page or 
one of our professionally designed templates; then choose one or more pages, such as a 
home page and About Us page, to get started (you ll be able to add more pages anytime). 
You ll also have the option to automatically create a navigation bar   a persistent menu 
your site visitors can u e to expl
ore your pages   for your new site.  
When you re finished with the wizard, you ll have created one or 
more web pages, canvases on which you can now add your own 
words, images, and more.  
2. Customize Your Pages 
You can return to your pages now and alter virtually everything 
about them, ensuring that each page and your site as a whole meet 
A sample template page
your exact specifications. Add text and images, change your 
background color, create links and site navigation   you can make your pages as simple or 
as complex as you like. 
To get started working with a page you already created, visit the File menu, choose Open 
Page..., browse to find the file you want, and click Open; or, if your site is open, double 
click the page s name in the Site Contents pane.  
Learn how to edit and customize your pages by exploring the step by step instructions 
provided throughout the User Guide, or go ahead and experiment with SiteBuilder s many 
tools. Remember that nothing is set in stone! You can edit and reedit your pages   whether 
you start with a blank page or a predesigned template   anytime.  
The second half of this guide will walk you through a few of SiteBuilder s basic features. To 
learn more about working with text, images, links, audio and video, and more, see their 
respective chapters in this guide. 
After you ve become familiar with some basic functions, be sure to investigate other 
features such as navigation bars and forms. When you re ready, you can enhance your site 
further with SiteBuilder s suite of add ons, interactive elements such as counters, search 
tools, and maps that can make your pages more dynamic and compelling. 
Copyright   2006 Yahoo! Inc. All rights reserved. 



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